Cream Chargers

If you crave ice cream - the  you almost certainly also crave cream chargers - they are every bit as good together as love and marriage, peaches and cream, beaches and sunshine. If you enjoy one of the pair then you'd be crazy not to get involved with the other half! Or maybe you'd rather stick with the whisk?

cream chargers

It might just be a black and white picture -but hopefully it gives you plenty of reasons to love whipped cream chargers! If you are still not inspired, perhaps you just aren't aware of exactly what it is that Crave Ice Cream is talking about? 

What Exactly are Cream Chargers?

Now, that is a good question... on the simplest level they are nothing more than simple disposable canisters of nitrous oxide gas - but it is not so much a matter of what they are, but more a matter of what is is that they do... they are the ultra-convenient and modern way of making whipped cream - I here you thinking ... "how can a tiny canister of gas make whipped cream? Surely you need a whisk for that?" Well, yes and no ... confused? Well, let me explain ...

Yes you need to whisk the cream - and by whisking I mean physically agitating it and introducing a gas (notice how I said "a gas" rather than just air? This is because the gas can be nitrous oxide - just kind that inside the chargers - it does not need to be limited to air. In theory any gas could be used - but the problem is if the gas interacts in a negative way when the cream is whipped - carbon oxide for example (from a soda syphon) would make the cream fizzy and acidic - not nice!!!

So how does a gas whip the cream? That is all to do with pressure - and this is where it all gets a bit science - we used the info on the cream chargers shop site to get a handle on the complex aspects of this - so thanks to them for this - cream chargers UK are cylinders of nitrous oxide that fit with most types of cream canister.

In brief - this is all to do with the properties of the nitrous oxide gas, namely it does not dissolve in water, but does dissolve in fats - but ONLY under high pressure. So, when you make a huge amount of pressure in the dispenser - the cream chargers might be small, but even an 8gm charger holds two litres of gas - so when you squeeze all of that into half-litre canister you're putting 4X atmospheric pressure - that would certainly make your ears pop!!

erotic cream chargers

when under pressure then the gas is forced into the fat of the ream - but as you pull the trigger and the cream gets pushed out by the relative differences in the pressure then the gas expands as it clear the nozzle - which leads to the expansion and subsequent whipping of the cream.

If you are into the cream - you might want to consider using some flavours - the obvious choices of flavouring are routin syrups, bought in the UK or maybe go straight for an ice cream syrup from smuckers?

So now you understand how it works - all that is really left is for you to use your imagination and decide the best way to use it - Crave Ice cream certainly hopes that these images help you out!!!