Crave Ice Cream

Co you crave ice cream chargers? Do you love ice cream? Does ice cream love you? Are you a fan of the whipped cream bikini? Too may questions and not enough answers!!


 crave ice cream chargers

Crave Ice Cream loves to add a bit of whipped cream to the topping - perhaps that is why we are such a fan of the cream chargers - so follow us and follow this recipe to make perfect ice cream sundae.. what you need to begin with is at least three flavours of ice cream - it doesn't really matter which just choose you favourite three! At least three different toppings - once again, it doesn't really matter which three as long as you have three of them. And of course you'll need some whipped cream chargers and a dispener because without them then it simple isn't a proper sundae now is it?

Ice Cream Sundae

At crave ice cream, we think that the secret is contrast - if you want healthy options then go somewhere else!! We want gooey and sweet and bright and colourful and a LOT of whipped cream. This is a great one for kids - because they can never stop themselves from adding more, more, more and even of they make themselves sick they'll still be loving it!